How to Increase Horse Power
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How to Increase Horse Power

This is an article that reviews how to increase horse power.

Increasing Horsepower (hp)

There is a great need to increase the horse power. The need is precipitated the inherent urge to save both fuel and money. Increasing horse power through affecting the internal engine is considered expensive. There are, however, ways to increase horsepower without affecting the internal parts of the engine. The following are the ways to increase horsepower:

Ways that do not affect the engine’s internal parts

Changing the Cam Sprocket

You can change the sprocket’s cam and/or the cam’s shaft with utmost valve handling skill. This way calls for a lot of training valve management lest damage is caused on the sensitive valves.

Changing Under-drive Pulleys

You can change the existing under-drive pulleys and install lighter and new ones. A gain of 6-10 hp is expected after this change. The said under-drive pulleys include those from the water pump, the alternator and such like pulleys.

Empowering ECU

Another way is redefining the ECU to gain over 45 hp depending on the chip sets under usage.

Using a Strong ignition System

Using a weaker ignition system causes ineffectiveness. Calling to task a stronger version assures horsepower is economically used while still enhancing reliability. Revamping spark stock wires can also go a long way in increasing horsepower and ensuring that full combustion of fuel.

Applying Forced induction Process

Hp and the torque can also be increased significantly through the induction process. The advantage for forced induction is that it is cheaper and its ability to raise hp to over 45 is by far encouraging.

Ways that affect the engine’s internal parts

However, when you are still willing to spend some more money and of course time, making a few modifications on the internal parts of the engine, the following ways will come in handy in helping increase the ph levels. Some of the ways have been provided below:

Decreasing the Turbulence

By decrease turbulence in the engine’s air flow through cleaning (polishing) the cylinder will achieve a higher ph. Instead of polishing an older cylinder, installing new already polished and ported ones will achieve a higher ph.

Installing Aluminum Rocker Arms and Quality Valves

Installing aluminum rocker arms and enlarging the valves can also increase your horse power. Again, ensuring that only quality valves are installed will ensure that the ph is increased.

Capitalizing on the Engine’s Build up

Finally it is advisable to have an engine build up by starting from the strongest bottom end. Ensure that you get top-notch alloys for pistons that do not succumb to heat and pressure. It is further advised that you use different cranks and con-rods to assure continued displacement for the extreme engine build up with a gain of over 450ph.

The ways provided here will go a long way in ensuring horsepower is increased and maintained at the highest levels. To not is that approaches that affect the internal engine will be more costly compared to those the ones based externally.

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