How to Get Bugs Bird Poop and Stickers off of Your Car Windows and Motorcycle Shield
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How to Get Bugs Bird Poop and Stickers off of Your Car Windows and Motorcycle Shield

Easy wasy to get bugs off your windshield, and wash off bird poop Best ways to get stickers off of your car windows

Usually we hope that the window washing stuff at the gas stations or rain will get the bugs off of our windshields but sometimes those little bugs are stuck on there really good and hard to get off. During a vacation where you are driving for hours at a time the bugs can really accumulate and when a bird does their duty on your windshield that can really make a horrible mess and make it difficult to see out of your windows. My husband’s motorcycle shield really seems to accumulate a lot of bugs and this can be very dangerous for him. Then there are those city stickers most cities require and unless you want your windshield to be full of them you will want to get those off when it is time to put the new one on. If you have stickers, bird poop, or bugs that you are having a hard time getting off of your windshield then this advice will hopefully help you get them off with little effort. The beauty of it is that you can do this without having to make any special purchases.  You have what you need right in your own home most likely.

Getting Bugs and Bird Poop Off Of Your Windshield

Baking Soda: It seems baking soda is not only a great cleaner for inside the house it also works on the car. What you do is wet the window with the hose then sprinkle the windshield with baking soda. Then get a rag and rub the baking soda around. The bugs should come right off then just spray the windows clean with the hose.

If the baking soda alone is not abrasive enough try using a fabric softener sheet instead of a rag or an old balled up pair of panty hose. Rinse with hose.

If you are traveling by car long distances make sure to pack some Coke in your cooler. Not just for drinking but for emergency bug removal. If you are out on the road and don’t have anything to clean your windows with but need to get bugs off pour so Coke a Cola on the bugs. Don’t pour it all over the window just where the bugs are. Then wipe off as best you can and then run your windshield wiper fluid over it. As soon as you get to a gas station give the windshield a good squeegee. Don’t get the Coke on the car or motorcycle it can affect the paint.

If you are riding a motorcycle on a long trip pack a couple of plastic zip sized sandwich or snack bags with some baking soda, and a couple of fabric softener sheets and a few paper towels; that way you will be prepared if you get a big bug or bird poop mess on your shield. All you will need to get is some water. You can make a little paste right there in the baggy, just pour a bit of water in the baggie and seal the bag and work it in to a paste with your fingers. Apply the paste to the area where the bird poop or stubborn stuck on bugs are. Don’t put it over the entire windshield because you likely won’t have enough water to rinse it all off then you will have an entirely different problem. Pour water on one of the paper towels to wipe it off and follow up with a dry paper towel to remove everything. Wash thoroughly once you get to a gas station. If you don’t want to carry all of that in your motorcycle then place several disposable window wipes in a plastic baggie. They won’t work that well on the stubborn bugs and other messes, but they can help you get the windshield clean enough until you can get somewhere to clean it properly.

Getting City Stickers or Bumper Stickers Off Of Your Windshield or Back Windows

After a bumper sticker or a city sticker sits on car windows for a while they can be really hard to get off. There are a few tricks you can try to get it off.

Personally I am a big fan of using peanut butter on sticky stuff. The oil in it will usually loosen up the sticky stuff. Just cover the sticker or bumper sticker with the peanut butter. Allow it to set on there for about 15 minutes. Then pull at the sticker or bumper sticker, hopefully it will come off. This will usually work on the edges of the sticker or bumper sticker and if you are lucky you should be able to get a good pull and yank it all of clean. However, if you are not lucky then you can then soak the sticker with vinegar. Get an old cloth such as an old T-shirt or an old rag and saturate it with vinegar. Place the saturated cloth over top of the sticker, let it set for about 10 minutes and the sticker should come off.

I have also heard Pam cooking spray works well but I have not personally tried that.

Be sure to give the windows a good wash and rinse after removing the stickers.

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Well who would have thought. A lot of interesting suggestions. Great job.