How to Change the Oil in a Vehicle
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How to Change the Oil in a Vehicle

Changing the Oil in Your Car Requires Careful Attention and Practice to Your Actions. You need specific tools that are only for your car and it is crucial that everything is done one step at a time in order to ensure a quick and constructive oil change experience. Every car is capable of an oil change to be done by one person. Changing oil in your own vehicle can save you money and time.

How do you change the oil in your car? Well it's one of the easiest tasks to be done to your vehicle, totally capable of being done by one person. Car oil ought to be changed every 3 months; or every 3,000 miles on average. Although, this does vary among vehicles; newer vehicles are built to withstand more mileage. For mechanics with years of experience behind their belts, changing the oil in a car is quick and easy.

But for someone who is just "starting out", or a first time driver, this can be a real pain in the ass. I found out the "hard way." One fuck up was enough for me. Changing oil is simple and basic. Just follow rules and make you sure you have the appropriate tools that are congruent for your particular vehicle.

Tools Needed

To change your oil in your whip, you will need certain tools, some specific for the size of your car. Depending on the natural elevation of your vehicle, you may need a jack to boost your car up to the point where it can be picked from underneath. A this point, you shall need an oil pan for after you pop your oil can nut with a wrench or adjustable socket.

Empty Oil Pan, Replace new oil filter

You're going to want to loosen the oil pan and let all of its oil out completely. Wait some minutes or so for the old oil to drip completely out, then take the old oil filter out and replace it with the new one. Be so sure to clean around where the old can used to be before installing a new one. Clean the old oil out the best you can. Old black oil is not good for a vehicle. Once you screw the new oil filter on, put the screw to the oil pan back on tight as possible.

Pour New Oil in Vehicle

Now it's time to pour the new oil into the vehicle. On most cars, 4 or 5 quarts are needed to fill the car back up. The owner ought to know the number of quarts that are needed. Use a funnel to help pour the oil on down into the oil line stream. Once done, tighten the filter cap back on and throw any trash out, such as oil bottles, oil filters, etcetera, etcetera.

All cars are capable of being changed by one person who is preferably the owner as this will save you money and probably time. Most local mechanics or oil change shops will charge you around $25 to change your oil, when you can easily do it yourself. Add that with the supplies you bought, and its more economic for car owners to change oil themselves.

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Comments (5)

I would suggest tightening "the screw to the oil pan" snuggly--no more.

Useful information for those wanting to do this for the firstr time.

Useful info -- tweeted.

Ranked #34 in Car Maintenance

Good job, its important to know how to do this

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