DIY Windshield Wiper Repair
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DIY Windshield Wiper Repair

Cleaning and reusing your windshield wipers saves you money and conserves resources. A few simple cleaning suggestions to make you rubber windshield wipers clean and provide you with a safe, squeak-free use that compares to new wipers.

In these difficult economic times we try to save money wherever possible. Rebuild, reuse and recycle are the new "The Three Rs."

So many things in today's world are convenience-packaged, disposable and just plain don't last very long. And accordingly, often pricey to replace. Windshield wipers for your vehicle are no exception. But with a little effort, a set of windshield wipers can be rehabilitated and reused. Perhaps not indefinitely, but a single re-use can save you upwards of $20.00

Windshield Wiper Renewal is Easy!

Remove the windshield wipers. Check for torn or frayed edges. Any physically damaged wiper blade must be replace with OEM, but if the rubber edge is not ripped, torn or cracked, they can be cleaned and reused again.

Soaking in soapy water and cleaning with dish detergent will remove the rubber oxidation. You will notice the black water, indicating that sun-bleached rubber is being washed away.

Wipe dry and with a rag soaked in white vinegar, clean the wiper again. You will likely see even more black-water castoff from the rubber, but when you are done the blades will be squeaky clean. All the road tars and insect debris will be gone. The wiper blades are almost as good as brand new!

At this point I like to spray the rubber wipers with any good silicone spray. This moisturizes and protects the rubber from the elements. Having just cleaned the weather-worn rubber blades, you have exposed minute porosity in the surface of the blades. The silicone will help to fill these pits and micro-tears.

If you use a product such as Rain-X, you can use this to recondition your rubber wipers instead of silicone spray, but either product is equally effective.

Allow the wipers to dry for awhile. The silicone will likely soak in a bit. Wipe the blades completely dry. Now would be a good time to clean your windshield with any good glass or counter-top cleaning product such as Windex. A solution of white vinegar and water makes an excellent glass cleaner that many say works as well or even better than Windex.

I am fond us using wadded sheet of newspaper to clean and dry the washed windshield of our car for a streak-free clean that is difficult to get using paper towels or cloth.

Reinstall the cleaned and reconditioned windshield wipers and enjoy a squeak-free use rivals brand new wipers.

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Comments (5)

so easy even a girl could do it!

well I dunno what's going on.. I retweeted.. and have tried to load the page a few times, but the VOTE box part is just not loading - its been 15 minutes.. i am giving up.. stupid dial up maybe.

good article

Good article but your price for a replacement wiper blade is off by quite a bit if you are pricing them for the states.Bosch micro edge blades are available in most stores for $3 - $9. The average cost of an Anco blade is $10 and Rain-X wiper blades average $13. I'm all for saving money wherever one can, but your life could depend on windshield wiper blades. In an emergency recondition but you should replace the wiper blade as soon as possible. Wiper blades should also be replaced as sets.

I live in Toronto, Canada and for a mid-range quality set of wiper blades (probably the whole head, not replacement refills) $20.00 for a pair is about right. Maybe even a bit low; I have seen individual wipe heads selling for around $14.00 each.. Come to think of it, -I have not seen 'replacement blades' the ones with the little clippy-wings here ever... they must exist for the vintage cars, -I just have not seen any.. :-\ And agreed: these are part of Safety items inspected (although here in Ontario if you can believe it, vehicles are not mandated to Annual Safety Inspections. Just Emissions testing. It is up to the driver to maintain need for brake shoes, lights, horn, etc.. (I miss living in the States!)