Car Theft: Ways to Stop Thieves from Stealing Your Car
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Car Theft: Ways to Stop Thieves from Stealing Your Car

Many criminals know how to steal a car, and your vehicle is probably one of your most valuable assets. Knowing how to prevent thieves from breaking into, or stealing your car is essential if you want your mode of transport to stay where you park it.

Car theft is a problem in many areas of the world. When you own a car it becomes your pride and joy, and may also be your only means of traveling to work or visiting relatives. Cars are an essential part of our lives, and when stolen can be a great loss, both financially and to our sense of safety. It's essential to protect your car from thieves who may decide to try and steal your vehicle, or to break into it to take an item you've left inside. Learning the best methods of preventing car crime can help you to deter criminals.

# Park in a safe place

Nowhere is totally safe, but if you have an opportunity to park your car in a garage, in your drive or in a car park which is regularly patrolled by attendants, you will have a better chance of keeping your car safe from thieves.

# Keep valuables out of sight

Never leave anything a potential thief may consider of value in sight inside your car. Handbags, purses, clothing, rucksacks and items in original packaging straight from a store will encourage thieves to break into your car.

# Locking lugs

Locking lugs, or wheel locks can help deter car criminals who haven't got too much experience. Opportunists who see a wheel lock in place are less likely to try their luck by attempting to steal your car.

# Car alarm

It's sensible to get a good car alarm fitted to deter thieves. Once they are set off and make a loud sound, most thieves tend to scarper. Better still get a two way alarm system to be on the safe side. Most criminals who know how to steal a car will bump it to see if it has an alarm. Ones good at their job will then attempt to disable the alarm, although probably at a later time when the sounds off.

A two way alarm system will chirp three times if it's bumped to warn thieves about the installed alarm, and signal to you via your pager about what's going on. A more serious offense will cause a siren to sound, and your pager's alarm to go off as-well.

Never place a notice in your car window to tell thieves you have a certain type of car alarm. Advertising the make of alarm you have will allow them to research how to disable it, before they attempt to steal your car.

# Kill switch

A kill switch can disable your car when switched on, and allow you to drive when off.

Safeguarding your car, as it's probably one of your most valuable assets next to your home, is essential these days. By making sure that you fit your car with a decent alarm and kill switch, park in a safe place and never leave valuables on display, you can lessen the chances of your car being stolen.


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Comments (5)

Good tips to remember to prevent theft.


I would park my car next to a more expensive and nicer looking car so that thieves would probably choose a better car to steal than an old car like mine. But then sometimes they would just break into a car to steal what's inside and not to steal the car itself. That happened to my husband. He left his leather jacket in the car and the thief broke in and took that.

Ranked #34 in Car Maintenance

Yes, the same thing happened to a friend of mine years ago. Thieves broke in and pinched his spare jeans!

My car isn't worth anything, so i just make sure no valuables are visible. Excellent work Bridget :D