Best Mechanics in Cedar Rapids Iowa
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Best Mechanics in Cedar Rapids Iowa

Where is Al's Full Service What cars does Al's service

For those of you that reside in Cedar Rapids Iowa, you most likely take your car to, or have heard of Al's Full Service. for over 35 years Al Dalziel has owned and operated a small automotive repair shop. His experience and knowledge base are by far some the the highest I have ever come across. When I first moved to Iowa, it was at Al's that I began work. Over the years he has proven time and time again that he is a man of the highest quality and integrity. This article could go on forever reiterating all of Al's good points and areas of expertise, but this article is about the service station and the quality of service provided.

Al first opened shop over 35 years ago with a simple business plan, treat your customers right. Over the years, that vision has not changed in any way. Sure, the prices might be a little higher than most, but it is well worth the little extra cost. Most of his 35 + years in the industry was in one location, but due to rising fuel costs and insurance he closed the gas station/convenience store and opened a shop almost purely auto repair. Other than auto repair and maintenance, he also does propane refilling.

Al's Full Service services just about any make, model, and year of any vehicle short of semis. his team of mechanics are all ASE certified and between them all, any vehicle system can be repaired or rebuilt. About the only thing his shop does not service is alignment and suspension. But if you need a tune up, tires, tire rotation, alternator replacement, coolant system, brakes, exhaust, gas tank repair, gas tank replaced, electrical, or just about anything else, you can rest assured that Al's team can and will fix it right the first time. I am aware that this sounds like a commercial, but I can not express enough ALS' dedication to the automotive needs of the community.

When making an appointment, you will most likely either speak with Wade or Gary. both gentlemen are ASE certified in many categories of automotive repair. They will ask you a number of questions in order to narrow down what the problem may be. for example, if you are hearing a knock, they will ask things like, " Is the sound coming from the front or rear, right or left, upon acceleration, or when braking, any shaking that goes along with the noise, does it occur most often when the car is cold or warm " and so forth. but if you know exactly what you need, again no problem.

If your need is propane for your grill or camper Al has you covered. He is fully licensed within the state of Iowa to dispense this fuel. BUT, not as a motor vehicle fuel, as this is a different grade of propane. his propane filling station can accommodate tanks up to 100# or as small as 5 #. Often he can be seen filling the propane tank on a camper or RV. rates are also very reasonable. his passion is helping his community, not making a buck.

So if you are ever in Cedar Rapids Iowa and need your vehicle looked at or in need of propane give him  call, he will take care of your needs.

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